Effect Of Business Process Reengineering On Organizational Performance. A Study Of Selected Banks In Anambra State Nigeria

Research Article
Akam, Uche Gand Kekeocha, Mary E
Business process, reengineering, organizational performance, improvement, redesigning, information technology

This study examines the effect of business process reengineering on organizational performance. The main objective of this study is to bridge the gap in the business processes and how to redesign the structure and management system to achieve improvement in organizational performance. The study employed both primary and secondary sources in generating the data for the study. The total population of the study was 1883, and the sample size was 330 using Taro Yamane’s statistical tool. 330 copies of questionnaires were distributed, out of which, 304 were valid for the study. The statistical tool used for testing the hypotheses was t-test and correlation analysis. Major finding reveal that adoption of business process reengineering in redesigning structure of organization and management system through appropriate information technology improves organizational performance. The study therefore concludes that business process reengineering has the potentials to improve organizational performance and it recommends that, management should make reengineering efforts a top priority for any organization that seeks for improvement in their overall performance.