Eco-Friendly Utilization Of Banana Plant Extract For Dyeing Of Textile Materials And Related Purposes: A Review

Research Article
Mutasim A. Ahmed., Yassir A. Eltahir and Haroon A. M. Saeed
Banana sap, dyeing, color fastness, color removal, textile, sustainable.

With the consumer's increased awareness of eco-safety, there has been an increasing tendency towards the use of eco-friendly sustainable materials. Consequently considerable attention has been given to green products from plants, for various utilizations in industries notably in the textile industry. Among these plants banana is selected for this review, since it is the second largest produced fruit after citrus, contributing about 16% of the world’s total fruit production. This review provides literature information about classification of techniques of natural dyes, dyeing principles and mechanisms, and some important evaluation tests methods. The study also aims to overview the recent researches on banana utilization, application, characterization, and testing of banana extract applied into textiles for coloration purposes, discoloration, and other important applications around the world for producing more appealing and highly functional value-added textiles such as dyes, binders, pigments, and other biologically active compounds.