Early Identification And Management Of Refractive Errors By Primary School Teachers

Research Article
Sridevy S., Dorothy., Emelda and Drobathy
Annona reticulata Linn; Anticancer; Antioxidant; Catechin; Human Breast cancer

A study was undertaken to assess the knowledge of primary school teachers regarding early identification and management of refractive errors among school children at Petit Seminaire Primary School Puducherry. Samples of 75 primary teachers were selected by convenient sampling technique. The structured Questionnaire was distributed to the selected primary teachers to assess their knowledge regarding refractive errors. The findings of the study showed that 41% of the teachers were from the age group 41-50 years, 51% of the teachers were educated BSc.BED, 33% of the teachers had 20years of experience, 87% of the teachers were using spectacles, 77% of the teachers belong to nuclear family and all teachers had some previous knowledge about refractive error. Majority of the subjects 87(87%) were having average knowledge regarding identification of refractive errors. Similarly 12(12%) of the subjects were not having adequate knowledge on identification of refractive errors.There was need for more education regarding refractive errors among the primary teachers to improve their knowledge and attitude towards refractive errors.