Diversity And Utilities Of Sorghum In Tribal Areas Of Khandesh Region (Maharashtra), India

Research Article
Khairnar, S. B., Patil, M. V and Patil, D. A
Diversity, Utility, Sorghum, Khandesh.

The present authors surveyed tribal area of Khandesh region since May-2008 with perticular emphasis on agro-biodiversity and home-stead gardens. Sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L) Moench] one of the staple food of the tribal. During the course of investigation various features were recorded. The characteristics such as height, no. of nodes, internode length, shape size of ears, grain colour and other tribal perceptions have been noted with due care. Agricultural practices and some special utilities of the total 25 sorghum varieties are also recorded. All these features are comparatively discussed with a view to bring out better qualities of the local sorghum varieties.