A Distance Discoveryteaching On Minoan Biodiversity In Crete And Cyprus: Design And Structure

Research Article
Maria Kalathaki, Anna Papastefanaki and Nandia Karageorgiou

The teaching intervention prepared for students of High School 15-17 years old of two Lyceums of Crete and Cyprus with the subject of biodiversity in Minoan period. Minoan civilization was developed in the Bronze Age in Crete. Minoan art is characterized by imagination, delicacy and love for nature. Utensils, jewelers, frescos, the stone seals and the decorative objects are evidence of advanced social organization and quality in daily life. In this interdisciplinary approach, with ecological and cultural views of biodiversity, special educational material was prepared with photos and texts coming from archaeological excavations which used in real and virtual learning environments, synchronous and asynchronous, in αjointed discovery of Natural Sciences’ and History’ sdidactic objects.