Direct Composite Resin Veneer – Clinical Case Report

Research Article
Rafael Maximum Reamez ,Taylane Soffener Berlanga de Araújo, Ana Paula Bernardes of Rosa, Leandro Tempest, Vera Lucia Bernardes, Simone Gubolin, Elias Naim Kassis and Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho
Veneer, Composite Resin, Aesthetic.

Never spoke both in aesthetics as today, the standard requirement of people, seeking solutions they can rescue the beautiful on condition of naturalness has increased significantly in recent years. Thus, the solution for aesthetic problems in dentistry is a big challenge, for situations that were previously unnoticed, today are prerequisites for acceptance of restorative treatment. Thus, this paper aims to submit the report the aesthetic correction in a disharmonious smile and unsatisfactory composite restorations in anterior teeth who were treated with direct aesthetic restorative procedure. The results show the use of this technique to allows an immediate aesthetic quality, directly and inexpensively restoring the natural features of the smile.