Development of model equation for absorption and bioaccumulation of copper from polluted soil into bushgreen vegetable

Research Article
Chiroma, T. M., Ebewele, R. O and Hymore, F. K
Absorption, Kinetics and bioaccumulation

The kinetics of absorption and bioaccumulation of copper (Cu) in Bush green roots was studied. A pot culture experiment was conducted to determine Cu uptake by roots of Bush green vegetable from polluted soils within the seventy one day growth period. The amount of copper ions (Cu2+) in the roots increased with time in a polynomial fashion. The kinetic model for the rate of absorption is a second order, with the mass transport coefficient of 1.05 x 10-5 ( ) and the rate of absorption as = = . The experimental values of the concentrations of copper in the roots of Bush green vegetable were, in overall inagreement with the values predicted by the model, with variations in the range of 1.46% to 13.8% differences.