Developing The Students’ Literary Appreciation Of Novels Via Facebook

Research Article
Amir Mohammed Albloly and Mahmud Ali Ahmed
Literary Appreciation, Novel, Facebook,

This paper aims to investigate “Developing the Students’ Literary Appreciation of the novel via Facebook”. The researcher has adopted the experimental method via pre and posttest as a tool for gathering the data of the study. The sample of this study composed of (24) students who studied English in the second year at University of Kassala due to their use of Facebook; they were taught online inside Facebook group called “Literature Café”. The data yielded from the pretest and posttest have been computationally processed with SPSS program to check the truth of hypotheses of the study and to see whether there is any significant change in the students’ performance. The results from the test have shown that there are tangible effects in developing the students’ literary appreciation via the use of Facebook. This study recommends the use of Facebook as a tool for teaching literature and teaching English as well.