Detecting Fake Review- An Overview

Research Article
Nishi Tiku., Neha Menon and Vineeth Pillai
Review spam, outliner review, review Spamicity, opinion spam, and semantic review.

E-commerce is buying or selling of products using online services or over the internet. A lot of people have started preferring e-commerce over the traditional method of shopping because of the availability of variety of products all the while enjoying the comforts of one’s home. Product Reviews and feedbacks have changed the game for online market since internet has become a very household thing. Sellers too have started looking at e-commerce as a way to increase their customer base. The Product Reviews are the factors which either make or break the relationship of the consumer with the store – they help build loyalty and trust and lets the potential consumer know the product much more clearly and the aspects that differentiate it from the rest of the products elsewhere [1]. This understanding among the merchants have opened a whole new Pandora’s Box filled with fake reviews, baseless shaming etc. One cannot undermine the importance of product review on the success and sales of a new product and thus it is imperative that e-commerce sites identify these fake reviews and deal with them appropriately. This paper focusses on multiple fake review detection algorithms and each of their pros and cons.