Design Of The Time Hopping Spread Spectrum System Based On Fpga

Research Article
Longjun Liu Hongwei Ding Zhang Qi Yifan Zhao and Shengjie Zhou
Time Hopping; pn code; Modulation; Demodulation; FPGA

General wireless communication system has many shortcomings, for example the poor ability of anti[1]interference, anti-jamming and anti-multipath performance. In this paper proposes, a design of time hopping spread spectrum system based on FPGA is proposed. When sending information code, the pseudo random code is used to control the on-off switch to send the information data of storage by the jumping order and achieve the time sequence of jump in the sending end. In the receiver, the local pseudo random sequence is used to control local on-off switch to realize the solution of the modulated data after capturing the sync signal and restore the original information data. Both Verilog HDL and principle diagram method are employed to design the circuit in the Alteral company QuartusⅡ software. The system of design is realized on FPGA