design & development of immediate post surgical fittings for the amputee

Research Article
PV Senthiil*& Rajesh Ranganathan
Amputation, Post-operative Management, Immediate Post-surgical fittings, Solid Works

Patients undergo amputation on their legs (either transfemoral or transtibial) for the reasons of accidents, diabetics, vascular disease and cancer. Following amputation, amputees (handicapped) are fitted with artificial limbs (prosthetics) to provide mobility. But, during utilization of the prosthetics, it is identified to provide discomfort and pain to the handicapped. This is certainly for the mismatch between the amputee’s body part and prosthesis. Reason for mismatch is for the lack of products in shaping the femur during healing period. Currently, cotton gauze is wrapped over the handicapped wound. Thereby, leading to a poor shape of the healed body part, creating discomfort during the application of artificial limbs. In spite of the potential for application of products to provide shape of the amputee body part, for current manufacturing constraints products are not manufactured. This project is focused in overcoming the current intricacy, aimed to undergo a detailed research in identifying, designing and developing early / immediate postsurgical products required for the amputee.