Degenerative Changes In Lumbar-Region Occur Simultaneously With Bilateral-Osteoarthritic Changes In Knee-Joints And Vice-Versa: Normalisation With Topical Application Of Phytoconstituents By Specialized Techniques Involving Possible Cartilage-Regeneration

Research Article
Apurba Gangu
Osteoarthritis, Degenerative changes, Phytoconstituents, Normalization, Topical application, Muscles and cartilages regeneration

Objective: The objective was to normalize the osteoarthritic changes of knee-joints and degenerative changes in lumbar spineby topical application of phytoconstituents with specialised techniques. Materials and methods: 980 nos. of patients were selected, who generated to be part of the study. Finally after exclusion criteria, 198 patients (males: 66(33%) and females: 132 (67%)), of60.32 ± 9.84 years old, suffering more than four years with medial tibiofemoral osteoarthritic changes in both knee joints and degenerative changes in the lumbar spine were selected and therapeutic efficacy was evaluated by phytotherapeutic applicationtill 42 sittings. Results: The present results indicated for the first time, by topical applications of phytoconstituents in six postural positions could fully normalize the degenerative changes in lumbar regions and osteoarthritic changes in both knee joints, possibly by the regeneration of muscles and cartilages. Conclusion: Low back pain and knee pain can be removed by topical application of phytoconstituents by a specialised techniques in 42 sittings, possibly through regeneration of muscles and improving cartilage formation at the articular, hyaline and semilunar levels.