Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity Effects of a Neem Based Pesticide, Neemastra on Meristemic Cells of Allium Cepa

Research Article
*Lucy Mary Jyrwa, Deisa Nora Shabong, James Steword Khongsngi and Shanwell Khongwir
Neemastra, Azadirachtin, mitotic index, chromosomal aberrations

The cytotoxic and genotoxic effect of neem based pesticide Neemastra (90 % neem oil extract and 10 % other inert compounds) was studied using Allium cepa test model. Based on EC50 curve, different concentrations of Neemastra were taken for conducting the experiment. It was found that the biopesticide inhibits the growth of the root length of the onion roots and it is concentration as well as time dependent. Cytological assayed on the root tips showed a decrease in the mitotic index with increased in interphase stage of the cells along with increased abnormalities. Bridges and fragments were numerous indicating clastogenic effects and laggard chromosomes indicating spindle poisoning.