A Cross-Sectional Study On The Growth Pattern Of The Sekmai Children Of Manipur

Research Article
Jibonkumar H
Body weight, Height, Growth pattern, Sekmai Children, Manipur.

The present proper/study attempts to access the growth patterns of 731 Sekmai children of Manipur comprising of 360 boys and 371 girls using anthropometric measurement such as weight, height vertex, Body weight, mid upper arm circumference, head circumference, chest growth etc. These were selected from tests of basic measurement (Weiner and Laurie 1969, Malina 1980, and Jeliffe 1966). The finding of study reveal that the boys are in average, taller and heavier than the girls from 4+ years onward up to 7+ years. But at 8+ years the girls overtake the boys, and at the age at 10+ years the girls clearly exceed the boys. It may be an indication of earlier onset of maturation of girls than the boys. But, the Sekmai children are, however, shorter and lighter even from the Indian Children.