correlation of vitamin d and serum calcium levels with type 2 diabetes mellitus in north indian punjabi population

Research Article
*Khanna M., Mahajan M, Sharma A, Khanna R
Vitamin D, Type 2 Diabetes, Calcium, Phosphorous, Prevalence

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, both of which ultimately leads to Type 2 Diabetes mellitus. Thus evaluating the role of VDD in development of diabetes is burning topic for research. Present study was designed to find out whether there is a role of Vitamin D and Calcium homeostasis in individuals with T2DM of northwest Punjabi population and also evaluate correlation with Vitamin D, Calcium and phosphorus in normal healthy and individuals with diabetes mellitus. Our study showed females in this region were hypocalcemic as compared to males which may be due to dietary habits women consume less of dairy products as compared to men. T2DM patients had significantly lower S. Vit D, S. Calcium and S. Phosphorus levels as compared to controls. Thus prescribing Vit D and Calcium to the patients may be helpful in controlling glucose levels.