The Contribution Of Prof. J. Gjinari In The Albanian Dialectology

Research Article
Mimoza Zekaj and Merita Isaraj
Gheg, Tosk, nasal vowels, the stressed vowel ë, contradistinction of vowel phonemes.

This paper focuses on the contribution of prof. J. Gjinari in the field of dialectology. There are dialectal distinctions in the phonemic system of the parlances in both dialects of Albanian language. The changes have ocurred due to the linguistic and extra linguistic factors. Nasal vowels as a feature of Gheg dialect and the stressed vowel ë as a feature of Tosk dialect are analyzed together in this paper, because the vowel ë of the south dialect is historically connected with the nasal vowel system of the north dialect. In the Gheg dialect vocalization the contradistinctions between the nasal and non-nasal vowels are functionally important. In Tosk dialect, there is no nasalization correlation for the vowels. The language undergoes changes and enriches with the passing of time, but not to the same degree in all its spheres. Phonetics is one of the aspects that in general does not undergo changes quickly.