Condition Monitoring And Detection Of Unbalance Using Vibration Signature Analysis

Research Article
M Chandra Sekhar, M.Sailaja , K.Satyanarayana, T.V. Hanumanta Rao and S.V.UmamaheswaraRao
Condition monitoring, vibration analysis, unbalance, rotor.

Condition monitoring is an important machine maintenance technique which predicts the condition of machine for preventing the unexpected failure. It involves with continuous analysis of operational equipment and the identification of problem before component breakage or machine failure. High level of structural reliability is achieved with minimum maintenance cost with condition monitoring. Unbalance is a common source of vibration, unequal distribution of weight of a rotor about its rotating centerline is unbalance. Experimental procedure was carried out for determining the intensity of vibration and its source, using vibration analyzers and trending software. The experimental readings were taken periodically. Variations of these readings were used to determine the amount of balancing to be provided.