A Concise Review: On Various Analytical Instruments

Review Article
Arvind R.Umarkar., Surajj. M Sorode., Yogesh M. Bagad., Mayur. R. Bhurat., Prafull P.Patil and Barhate S.D
Absorption, Emission, Scattering of Radiation, Refraction of Radiation. Certain Wavelengths.

Analytical Instrument work by different way such as production of signal of sample, absorption of radiation, Emission of radiation, scattering of radiation, refraction of radiation. Etc. The resulting signal may be used directly or transformed to one of different nature. The correlation between blank reading / signal & sample signal can be understood only if the instruments are understood properly. For example in U.V. Spectroscopy sample absorb the radiation of certain wavelengths. The degree of absorption is then correlated with the concentration of the particular ion which was in the solution (sample). This review try to focus on General Introduction, principle, and Instrumentation of various Instrument like U.V, IR, N.M.R, atomic absorption spectroscopy, Coulometry, Flame photometer Raman Spectroscopy, High Performance Liquid Chromatography, gas chromatography