complications in fracture healing using external skeletal fixation in goats

Research Article
Bini Joy*, Syam K Venugopal
Fracture, goats, complications, external skeletal fixation

External skeletal fixation has numerous advantages over other technique for the fracture management in animals. The unique advantages in its application popularized its use in animals. It can be used in any type of fractures like open, closed, simple or comminuted with least invasiveness and much stability to fracture by preventing the fracture forces. It can be used in conjunction with internal fixation and its configuration can be altered even after application or during the bone healing process. It has wider application in cases like limb or bone lengthening, treatment of infected bony conditions etc. its adaptability helps in widely using it in veterinary practice. The technique have certain disadvantages too, which is studied in the present study. The complications noticed in the present study were pin tract drainage, pin loosening and angular deformity. The remedy for the complications is also discussed.