Comparison Studies Of The Interactions Between Testosterone And Progesterone With Human Serum Albumin "Hsa" : Uv/Fluorescence Absorption

Research Article
Musa M Abu Teir, Husain Alsamamra, and Saker Darwish
Testosterone; Progesterone, HSA; Binding constant, UV– spectroscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy.

The molecular interactions between HSA, Testosterone and Progesterone have been successfully investigated. In this study, the interaction between Testosterone, Progesterone and HSA has been investigated using UV-VIS absorption spectrophotometry. From UV absorption spectrophotometry it was shown that the absorption intensity decreasing with increasing the molecular ratios of Progesterone-HSA, while the absorption intensity increases with increasing the molecular ratios of Testosterone-HSA For VIS absorption spectrophotometer it was shown a decreasing in the absorption intensity with increasing the molecular ratios for both Progesterone and Testosterone. From both the UV-VIS spectrophotometer studies, is found that the value of the binding constant of testosterone to HSA, K equals 34.9×102 M-1 , While the binding constant (k) for the Progesterone is estimated as 6.56×102 M-1 at 293 K. From the results, it was observed that strong binding of the testosterone than that of progesterone.