Comparison Of Ecg Waveforms From Different Modules

Research Article
Prasath @ Surendhar S and Kripa N
Electrocardiogram (ECG), Radio Frequency Module, Xbee Module, Bluetooth Module.

Electrocardiogram is a Technique for evaluating and recording the Electrical Activity produced by cardiac muscles. ECG is performed by using a device called an Electrocardiography, to produce a record called an Electrocardiogram. Electrocardiogram has long been used in the hospital environment to diagnose cardiac arrhythmias and screen for heart disease. However, until recently patients had to be detecting to the ECG machine by a few feet of wires. The wireless ECG system is an electrocardiogram with wireless data transmission capabilities, and a monitoring base station using the receive data. With the comparison of mobile ECG from the different modules, patients can freely move around their environment, allowing their care givers easily to monitor the patient’s status at any situation