Comparison Of Cyanoacrylates And Dpx For Mounting A Histological Section

Research Article
Spoorthi Ravi Banavar and Annavajjula Saileela
Mountant, DPX, Fevikwik, Surgical glue, Cyanoacrylates

Context: Histological sections before being examined under microscope, need to be mounted under a cover-slip in order to preserve the sections and most importantly, to obtain a clear image. The substance which serves this purpose is called a mountant or mounting media. In practice, Dibutyl phthalate xylene (DPX) is the widely used mounting media. Although considered ideal, DPX has several drawbacks. This triggered us to explore alternatives for DPX such as Bio adhesive and Fevikwik that can overcome these drawbacks

Aims: To compare Fevikwik and Surgical glue with DPX. Settings and Design:

Methods and Material: A total of 24 sections were taken from archival collection of the Department of Oral Pathology and General pathology. All the sections were mounted using Dpx, Fevikwik and Bio adhesive. Comparison was drawn between these three mountants based on quality index

Statistical analysis used: One way analysis of variance

Results: Quality index of Fevikwik and Surgical glue were significantly equal to that of DPX quality index. ‘p’ value < 0.005 was considered as significant.

Conclusions: Hence, Cyanoacrylates (Fevikwik and Surgical glue) can be used as alternatives to DPX.