comparative study of two-inductor and two-phase boost converter for high voltage applications

Research Article
Prem Narayan., PremNath Verma and Verma K.S
DC-DC boost converter, two-inductor, stress on MOSFETS, high frequency transformer, voltage, current and Efficiency

These boost converter are making use of current splitting in two branches, which uses inductor and switch to boost the voltage level. By current splitting stress are removed from the switching device. Higher voltages with good efficiency are found due to parallel cascading of two boost converter. The advantages of DC-DC boost converters include increased efficiency, reduced sizeand faster transient response of system. The outputs of two phase boost converter are compared with two inductor boost converter. This paper compares the output waveforms of the two-inductor boost converter and two-phase boost converter used for high voltage applications. These are used for boosting the level of DC voltages by dividing the currents in two phases.