A Comparative Study Of Consumer Involvement Amongst Rural And Urban Consumers Of Smart Phone

Research Article
Singh A and Banerjee S
Rural Consumer, Consumer Involvement, Personal Computers.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the mobile phone industry. In India consumers’ mobile phones have become essential part of personal and business life. The disposable income of rural and urban consumers has increased steadily; there has been a major change in the attitude and desire of consumers. This research is to find out external and internal factors which influence a consumer’s decision in purchasing a smart phone. Each consumer behaves differently from other users. Marketers should find out how the consumers gather information and how they apply such information in choosing competing products, how consumers buy and why buy process and buy reasons for different consumers. Purpose of this study is investigating the relationship between consumer involvement and purchase decision (for smart phone) in rural and urban mobile customer. Data was collected from sample of 120 consumers from rural and urban areas so that the degree of consumer involvement would be reached and described some reasons behind the consumer involvement.