Comparative Assessment Of Antibacterial Efficacy Of Crude Leaf Extracts Of Millettia (l.) Panigrahi Against Enteric Pathogens

Research Article
Anandhan Anuswedha and N.Rashitha Begum
drug resistance, crude extracts, antibacterial activity, enteric pathogens

Drug resistance is one of the most serious global threats to the treatment of infectious diseases. Currently, there is a growing interest in using natural antibacterial compounds from plants, herbs and spices for the treatment of these bacterial infections. The study was designed to study and screen the antibacterial activity of Millettia pinnata Linn., Panigrahi crude extracts against multidrug resistant enteric pathogens. The crude extracts were prepared with different solvents and then screened using the agar disc diffusion assay. The crude extracts which showed maximum activity were subjected to MIC/MBC assay to determine the minimum concentration of the crude extract which would inhibit/kill the clinical pathogens. The concentration of the crude extract was 100mg/ml. MIC results corresponded with that of the disc diffusion assay. The ethanol extracts showed higher antibacterial activity which suggests the potential use of ethanol extracts of Millettia pinnata Linn., Panigrahi in the treatment of infectious diseases caused by enteric pathogens.