Common Fixed Point Theorem In Intutionistic Fuzzy Metric Space Under Strict Contractive Conditions

Research Article
Akhilesh Jain., Chandel R.S., Hasan Abbas and Uday Dolas
Fuzzy metric spaces, intuitionistic fuzzy metric space, Compitable mapping, Non compatible mapping, weakly compatible mappings, Property S-B.

In this paper, using the idea of intuitionistic fuzzy sets, we define the notion of intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces with the help of continuous t-norms and continuous t-conorms as a generalization of fuzzy metric space due to George and Veeramani [3]. We introduce the notation of Cauchy sequences in an Intuitionistic fuzzy metric space and prove the common fixed point theorem in intutionistic fuzzy metric space under strict contractive conditions. Mathematical Subject Classification: 54H25, 54E50