The Combined Effect Of Different Fertilizer Sources And Irrigation Method On Potato And Water Productivities Under Iraqi Conditions

Research Article
Nooruldeen S. Ali and Hiawe W. A. Al-Juthery
Organic Fertilizer , Biofertilizer , WUE, DAP, Partial substitution, Integration.

Three field experiments were conducted at Babylon Governorate in silty clay loam soil to investigate effects of integrated application of mineral , organic ,and bio fertilizers on yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum L ), and water productivity under different irrigation systems (furrow , sprinkler , and drip irrigation systems). Levels of mineral fertilizer applied included 3 levels of mineral fertilizer : 0, 50, and 100% of recommended NP fertilizer ( 300 Kg N + 100 Kg P ha-1 ) using urea phosphate (17.5-44- 0).Potassium fertilizer applied in a rate of 200 Kg K ha-1 using (10-10-40) to all treatments. Methods of fertilizer applications were band, foliar and ferigation for furrow, sprinkler, and drip irrigation systems. Rates of organic were 0 and 10 Mg ha-1 (using organo fert.) and bio fertilizers were 0 and 950 Kg ha-1 of (Almuaffer-bio-Egyptian source). Results indicated that, the application of 100% of mineral fertilizer (as main effect) increased potato tuber fresh yield from 23.4 to 32.39, from 24.42 to 35.98 and from 27.46 to 40.96 Mg ha-1 with an increment of 38%, 47% and 49% compared to that of control for furrow, sprinkler, and drip irrigation experiments, respectively. Water productivities were 7.17, 10.81, 24.39 Kg tuber yield m-3 water applied for furrow, sprinkler, and drip irrigation experiments, respectively. Integrated application of mineral, organic and bio fertilizers gave the best results on all tested parameters. Tuber yield were 39.46 ,44.16 ,49.16 Mg ha-1 and the best WUE in values of 9.12 , 13.27 , and 29.55 Kg yield m-3 water applied for furrow, sprinkler , and drip irrigation experiments ,respectively. Organic fertilizer application (as single effect) gave tuber yield equal to that of 100% mineral fertilizer while bio fertilizer gave yield equal to 50% of mineral fertilizer. These results indicate that application of bio or organic fertilizers (environmentally secured sources) can substitute partially or totally mineral fertilizer.