Clinical & Radiological Evaluation Of Three Root Canal Filling Materials For Primary Molars –An In Vivo Study

Research Article
Supriya Banerjee, Amitava Bora, Gautam Kumar Kundu and Shabnam Zahir
Pulpectomy, Endoflas, Metapex, ZnOE

Pulpectomy is preferable treatment to maintain the primary teeth in the oral cavity in a healthy and functional state until natural exfoliation occurs. However, none of the currently available material can fulfill all of the criteria of an ideal root canal filling material for primary teeth. Endoflas is a good root canal filling material with high success rate but the main disadvantage of Endoflas is that its liquid component contains Paramonochlorophenol which is highly Cyototoxic and possible carcinogenic. Chlorhexidine (CHX) has a wide range of activity against both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria including E, faecalis and fungus like C.albicans. So, a newer root canal filling material (Paste formed by mixing Powder part of Endoflas with 1% Chlorhexidine gel) has been tried and compared with two traditional filling materials (METAPEX & ZnOE) in this in vivo study. In this study 45 selected teeth were divided randomly into 3 groups with 15 teeth in each group, treated with three different root canal filling materials and studied clinically & radiologically for 9 months. At the end of the study, “Promising” results were found with the Newer filling material with 100% success rate both clinically & radiologically.