Benefits And Nutritive Value Of Sesame Seed

Research Article
Jaya Singh, Neelma Kunwar and Smita Tripathi

India is the largest producer of sesame in the world. During 2004, India contributed 27.75 % of the total area under sesame seeds and 20.88 % of total world production. It has been noticed that during the year 2003-2004, Gujarat alone contributed 30 per cent of total production followed by West Bengal (17.8%), Rajasthan (17.6%), Tamil Nadu (7.6%), Andhra Pradesh (5.4%) and Madhya Pradesh (5.2%). In the case of area, Gujarat stood first with 22.7 per cent followed by Rajasthan (17.6%), West Bengal (9.2%), Andhra Pradesh (9%) and Madhya Pradesh (7.4%). However, in productivity, West Bengal ranked first with 876 kg per hectare followed by Gujarat 598 kg per hectare and Rajasthan 453 kg per hectare.