Awareness And Adaptive Practices Regarding Factors Of Climate Change Among Urban Residents Of Pune City

Research Article
Sonopant Joshi., Ranjana Chavan and Shital Waghmare
Adaptive practices, Awareness, Climate change, Pune, Urban residents

Introduction/Background: Global Warming and Climate change is expected to increase the frequency of extreme events. Aim: A cross sectional study was conducted to assess the awareness and practices regarding factors of Climate Change among the urban residents of Pune city. Materials and Methods: Urban area of Pune city was selected for study. The sample size was 116 selected by simple random methods from two different urban settings. Structured questionnaire was prepared and data was collected. Results: The sample consists of 92 (79.3%) female and 24 (20.7%) male. 58% respondents were aware about climate change with mean 17.38 and mean adaptive practice score was 8.6 (53.89%). About 93(80%) respondents responded that climate is changing. Out of 116, 64(74%) respondents still using bio-mass as fuel. Only 60 (69%) respondents were aware of nonpolluting CNG vehicles. There is positive correlation between awareness level and adaptive practices (r= 0.678). Research implications: It revealed that awareness level is average but adaptive practices among urban population are poor which is far below expected level. There is a need to spread mass awareness among population to reduce the impact of Climate Change. Novelty/Originality: Paper is significant to the health educators, social activists and mass media personnel to organize mass campaign regarding global warming and climate change.