Assessment Of Some Ecological Parameters For Gadaria Stream- A Tributary Of River Narmada In The Central Zone, India

Research Article
Ankit Kumar., Anjali Chaurasia., Tabassum Bashir., Seema Pandey., Sajjad Ahmad War., Rachna Deo Golwalkar and Vipin Vya
Gadaria stream, Tributary, Ecological parameters, River Narmada, Central zone

Ecology is lifeline of any stream or river ecosystem and it cannot be ignored. Life is dependent on ecological factors as abiotic and biotic component. So study on ecological parameters is very much important nowadays because tremendous pressure has been created on ecosystem through human interventions. Present study is an example of ecological investigation of Gadaria stream which is a tributary of River Narmada in the central zone. Here physical habitat assessment, status of riparian buffer zone, visual observation of substrate characterization, physico-chemical analysis and diversity of macrozoobenthos has been chosen as ecological parameters. After investigation of these ecological parameters results suggested that human interference is playing a key role in degradation of ecosystem and it needs proper attention for conservation and management of the stream.