Assessment Of Promotional Practices Of Micro And Small Scale Enterprises: Select Study Of Bale Robe Town, Ethiopia

Research Article
Danda. Udaya Shekhar and Muktar Mohammed Tilmo

In this paper an attempt is made to understand and analyze assessment of marketing practices of micro and small scale enterprises in Bale Robe Town, Ethiopia. Promotion is not just about advertising your businesses nor is it just about selling. Promotion is a methodology of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product of service Promotion is the other important mix element modern marketing cells for more than just developing a good product pricing it attractively and marketing it available to target customer company’s must also communicate with current and prospective customer and what they communicate should not be left to chance. All of they are communication efforts must be blended in the consistent and coordinated communications program. Just us good communication is important in building and maintaining any kind or relationship it is crucial element in company’s efforts to build customer relations a company total marketing communication mix also called its promotion mix.