An Assessment Of The Amphibian Fauna Of Satakosia Tiger Sanctuary Of Central Odisha, India

Research Article
Bishnu Charan Pradhan
Amphibia, Inventory, Satakosia Tiger Sanctuary (STS), Anthropogenic factors, Insitu Conservation

In this article, the description is about a survey made to prepare an inventory of Amphibians in the Satakosia tiger sactuary (STS) of Central part of Odisha which remained uncovered till now. During the last monsoon I tried to assess the Amphibian diversity of this area with the help of local people and fishermen. We prepared a checklist of these animals with their scientific names and in which habitats these are available. The amphibians are only anurans belonging to 16 species, 10 genera and of 4 families. The local residents argued that the number of these animals is decreasing very sharply. So it’s our primary duty to give protection to these animals insitu and conserve them for our posterity to cherish