To Assess The Dietary Pattern Of Diabetic Subjects

Research Article
Archana Singh and Rekha Singh
Diabetes mellitus, Blood Sugar.

Diabetes mellitus is a group of disease characterized by high blood glucose concentration in the blood and alteration in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. People are greater risk of diabetes due to improper dietary practice, unhealthy life style, lack of physical exercise. The present study was conducted a comparative study of nutritional status among diabetic males and females. Multistage stratified random sampling technique was used for selecting 100 samples in both male and females and an interviewed schedule was developed to collect information regarding socioeconomic profile, dietary pattern etc. Dietary intake between males and females diabetic were highly significant but age, BMI, meal intake per day etc. between males and females diabetic were insignificant. Consumption of high fat and carbohydrate diet was revealed as the major contributing cause of disease in both males and females.