Aquatic Coleoptera Assemblages In Different Wetlands Of Manipur

Research Article
Bhubaneshwari Devi M., Sandhyarani Devi O and Leiphon Wanghengbam
Coleoptera; biodiversity; wetlands; Manipur; Imphal.

The diversity of beetles is very wide-ranging. They are found in almost all types of habitats, except sea and polar region. Among the variety of aquatic habitats, wetlands are diverse and productive ecosystems endangered by human pressure, which degradation implies a biodiversity loss worldwide. Among the biological assemblages of these habitats, aquatic Coleoptera is one of the most diverse and useful groups when assessing the ecological conditions of the ecosystems they inhabit. The aims of the present study were to analyze the aquatic beetles assemblage, biodiversity and relation between habitat and diversity of aquatic beetles in 9 wetlands of Manipur. A total of 1873 individuals and 56 water beetles species belonging to order Coleoptera under 11 families was collected. In general, wetlands presented high richness and diversity values among which Dytiscidae and Hydrophilidae have the highest species richness and most of recorded species have a wide biogeographically distribution.