Application Analysis of Parameters for Wireless and Wire-Line Network with and Without Load Balancer

Research Article
Raghav Puri, Navpreet Singh
WLAN, Load Balancer, HTTP, FTP, Video Conferencing, Database, MAC.

The wired computer network provide secure and faster means of connectivity but the need of mobility i.e. anywhere , anytime and anyone access is tilting the network users towards wireless technology. This Paper Analyse the modelling and implementation of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) using different factors based on OPNET Modeller. Here OPNET Modeller is used to develop a new model that fits for Academic Site Location. Our model was analysed to measure the performance of factors of the wireless local area network based on such academic site location. Our model was tested adjacent to four applications (FTP, HTTP, Video Conferencing and Database) in four sites and found that other factors also were extremely influenced by the number of users per application with and without load balancer. OPNET Modeller simulation demonstrated the effect of load balancer on wireless and wire-line network for four different types of applications.