Anxiety Regarding Assessment With Pain In The Back And Neck In Individuals Adults In Vitoria Da Conquista Ba

Research Article
Pinto CLF., Lemos., Gusmao, JC., Silva, DS., Reis, ALF., Bittencourt, FO and Duarte, SFP
Anxiety. Quality of life. Cheers.

Anxiety is uncomfortable Characterized by particular states of restlessness, tension and apprehension, Which tendon to worsen and Consequences to bring the quality of life in the subjects' daily lives. This work is part of the project "Identifying the Epidemiological Profile of Chronic Diseases in Victory Achievement," by developed the Nucleus of Extension, Research and Study of Chronic Diseases - NEPEdc of the Independent Faculty of the Northeast and Aimed to evaluate the relationship of anxiety with neck and back pain in adult Individuals in the city of Victoria achievement of-BA. This is an analytical research type with a cross-sectional design and a quantitative approach, with a sample of 525 Individuals from the city of Victoria achievement ofBA. The participants in this study were 72.2% (F = 389) 27.8% women and men (F = 146), with a mean age of 30.81 years (SD ± 7.62). It was verified que the relation of anxiety with symptom of pain in the back and neck are manifest in cases of chronic pain. However, the data collected in this research Were not significant enough to confirm this hypothesis. Regarding gender issues, we have seen That anxiety is more common in women than in men and this is due to hormonal factors.