Antifungal Activity Of A Bifunctionalized Allene Ethanol Extracts

Research Article
Ignatova-Ivanova TS., Ivelina Stefanova , Ismail E. Ismailov , Ivaylo K. Ivanov and Valerij Ch. Christov
BA-2 (Dimethyl 1-(1- hydroxyethyl)-3-methylpenta-1,2- dienephosphonate), antifungal activity, antibiotic.

Background and Purpose: Antifungal effects of a Bifunctionalized Allene with unprotected hydroxygroup (Dimethyl 1-(1-hydroxyethyl)-3-methylpenta-1,2-dienephosphonate) (BA-2) on pathogenic yeast and fungi had been established. BA-2 (50mg/ml, 25mg/ml, 12.5mg/ml, 6.25mg/ml and 3.125mg/ml)exerted different inhibitory effect on different yearst and fungi cells in vitro. The effects of BA-2 oneukaryotic cells have not been studied yet. The present study was aimed to assess the antifungal activity of BA-2on pathogenic yeast and fungi.

Experimental approach: In vitro antifungal test: Aspergillusniger, Penicilliumclaviforme,Saccharomyces cerevisae, Candida albicans 8673 and Candida glabrata 72 were treated for 24 hourswith BA-2(50mg/ml, 25mg/ml, 12.5mg/ml, 6.25mg/ml and 3.125mg/ml),Fluconazole (150 mg/ml).The antifungalactivity was assayed by the well diffusion method with digital caliper.Determination of minimum inhibitory concentrations(MICs): The MIC of BA-2, that shows antifungal activity, weredetermined by methods as described by [13] and MICs were read in μg/ml after over nightincubation at37oC. All experiments were made in replicate.Determination of Minimum fungalconcentration(MFC):TheMFC was carried out to check whetherthe test microbes were killed or only their growth was inhibited.Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA, Oxoid, Hampshire, UK) was preparedand sterilized at 121oC for 15 minutes,the medium waspoured into sterile petridishes and were allowed to cool and solidify. The contents of theMIC in theserial dilution were then subcultured onto the prepared medium, incubation was made at 37oCfor24 h, after which each plate was observed forcolony growth. The lowest concentration of the BA-2without a colony growth was recorded asthe MFC.BA-2had higher antifungal activity than tested antibiotic– Fluconazole