anti-hyperglycemic activity of ethanolic leaf extract of syzygium cumini (l) in diabetic induced rats

Research Article
Madhu Prasad.D, Rajyalakshmi.M, *JagadishNaik.M
Syzygium cumini, Alloxan monohydrade, Diabetes, blood glucose, body weight

Syzygium cumini is a plant that has been used in popular medicine for the treatment of the diabetes. It is originated in India, and it can be found in most Brazilian states, principally on the noth and north-east. This work verified the effect of S.cumini ethanolic leaf extract up on the alloxan induced diabetes rats. The animals were divided in to four groups, Control (C), Control + S.cumini treatd(CT), Diabetes (D), Diabetes + S.cumini treatd (DT). Diabetes was induced in male wistar albino rats by intra-peritoneal injection with cold aqueous alloxan monohydrate (80 mg/kg body wt). Then the blood glucose levels were increased significantly. Ethanolic leaf extract of S.cumini was given to the diabetic rats in daily dose of 450mg/ kg of body weight (21 days). Then in the diabetic rats of blood glucose levels decreased highly significant (p<0.005). And the body weights of the experimental animals there is no more weight gain in controls after 21 days of treatment with S.cumini ethanolic leaf extract (180- 195±5).Where as diabetic rats treated with leaf extract for 21 days resulted in 12-15 % increased in the body weight. No side effects appear in the whole study. Hence this work suggested that S.cumini ethanolic leaf extract effectively treated diabetes