Analysis of phytochemical profile of card anthera difformis druce Whole plant extract with antibacterial properties

Research Article
Somnath De, Dulal Chandra Das, Tanusri Mandal and Monalisha Das
Cardanthera difformis, Phytochemical screening, Antibacterial activity, Whole plant materials

In rural and backward areas of West Bengal in India several plants were commonly used as herbal medicine for the treatment of many diseases without studying any phytochemical and biological information in detail. The current study was to investigate the phytochemical screening of Cardantheradifformis whole plant extract. For phytochemical screening, some common and available standard tests were done. Antibacterial bioassay was done through agar well diffusion method. Phytochemical screening showed the active compounds present in high concentration, such as flavonoids, phenolic compounds, terpenoids and cardiac glycosides. The greater performance for antibacterial activity was found againstGram negative bacteria. The whole plant extract revealed the presence of bio-active constituents which are known to exhibit Key words: medicinal activity.