after effects of displacement on the mirpur community in jammu

Research Article
*Dhingra, R and ¹Bhat, A
Adjustment, Partition, Migration, New Home, lost, Mirpur

The context for the study was the Mirpuri community settled in Jammu, members of which migrated from Mirpur (a town now in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) during November, 1947 after witnessing extreme instances of violence and psychological trauma. The present research was undertaken to examine the sociopsychological consequences of displacement. Sample group included Mirpuri respondents across a wide age group covering three generations, residing in different areas of Jammu city and were selected through snowball sampling. Unstructured interviews were used to gather the information. It was concluded that the respondents have gone through a difficult phase of accommodation to a new set of social and cultural values and their experiences of the acculturative mechanisms revealed that the community, while trying hard to remain rooted and maintain its identity, also adopted the cultural patterns of the dominant community (Dogras) to be able to live peacefully in the new environment.